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Carrara Royal



Carrara Royal features brown veins on a warm white canvas and textured composition. It’s a neutral quartz that goes well with various colors and styles.

Carrara Royal | Applications

Carrara Royal

Product Specifications sheet @2024

Summary of test results: (Average of results)

Characteristics Test Method ( s) Unit of Measurement Test Results
Apparent Density EN-14617-1 g/cm3 2.392
Water Absorption EN-14617-1 % in weight 0.0298
Flexural Strength EN-14617-2 N/mm2 58.66
Impact Resistance EN-14617-9 Joule 5.28
Resistance to Deep Abrasion EN-14617-4 mm3 242.3
EN-14617-4 mm 30.88
Thermal EN-14617-6 ∆R % 0.999
Shock EN-14617-6 ∆m % 0
Resistance to Freeze-Thaw Cycles EN-14617-5 N/A 0.999
Chemical Resistance EN-14617-10 N/A C3
Linear Thermal EN-14617-11 mm/m*oC /10-6 18.3
Expansion Compressive Coeff. Strength EN-14617-15 Mpa 212
Gloss REFLECTION % 55-65
Mohs Hardness NUMBER MOHS 7


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